Tool manufacturer

Tool manufacturer scenario

Task: Determine the tools, costs (+ per component) as well as the technology for a specific component

1. Enter workpiece

Enter the machining contents quickly and precisely by using pre-defined machining cylces, eg. taper turning.

2. Prepare tool bill of material

Determine the tools required including the bill of material parallel with the machining job. The tool components can be efficiently chosen from the tool database.


3. Check machine drive

Check if the work spindle has sufficient capacity, torque and feed force.

4. Evaluate cost per part

Supplement tools by tool life and prepare a cost-per-part analysis for the tools in the process and identify cost drivers.

5. Compare tools and processes

Support your Sales by providing them clear-cut tool and process comparisons to enable them to substantiate your solution with economic figures. The process comparison e.g. documents the possible advantage of using a special tool over a standard tool. Included is a cost-per-part and break-even analysis.

Task: A machine manufacturer asks you to determine the tools for a machine investment (OEM business). The machine manufacturer already has the process in CutView

1. Exchange tool data

Electronically exchange the project with the machine manufacturer thus avoiding any transcription errors.  

2. Supplement tool BOM

Concretise and supplement the pre-defined tools with their components from the tool database, including costs.

Task: The machining process at the customer's has to be documented in a tool report and the results exported to SAP

1. Prepare and transmit tool report

Enter process data at the customer's, using easy-to-handle form sheets and transfer the data to SAP via a neutral exchange file. The results, e.g. tool life in terms of time and in terms of distance machined, are thereby made available to all employees throughout the company.


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